Beef Suet

Beef suet is a raw beef fat, that can be found in the meat isle of your local grocery store. More than likely, if you have seen it, you were repulsed and did not think about it for more than a second.  Beef suet looks like a chunk of fat, because it is a chunk of fat. This type of fat is found around the kidneys of an animal. It has a melting point of 113-122 degrees Fahrenheit, and substantially below that range it will congeal into hard chunks.

Beef suet is used most commonly in England for cooking. In the USA, beef suet is not as popular, however, it can still be found in most supermarkets around the Country for those more adventurous chefs.  If cooked properly, it can be very tasty.

If you are not a regular meat eater, but you enjoy feeding your local birds, you can purchase beef suet at your local store, bring it home, place it in your You Do It Suet® mold and soften in the microwave. Then you can add ingredients such as: peanuts, dried fruit, coconut flakes, flour, corn meal, sand and or meal worms. Once hardened, just pop the homemade suet cake out of the mold and place in any standard suet cage and your neighborhood birds will thank you.


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