Bird Feeder Suet Cage


Are you looking for a bird feeder?  How about a Suet cage bird feeder? This way you can take the best of both worlds and combine them into one fun and natural feeding environment.  Using the leftover grease (fat) from cooking meat at home, and blending it with wild bird seed, you can create homemade suet cakes that can then be hung out in a tree in your backyard, using any standard suet cage and your neighborhood birds will thank you!

There are many types and styles of suet cages on the market today, many of them incorporating a wild bird seed container and a suet cake cage all in one.  This way your birds can choose the type of food they would like each day.  Switching between straight bird seed and suet, your neighborhood birds will be in heaven.

If you are worried about squirrels attacking your suet cakes, there are many ways to deter them, including:

  • Suet cages with larger cages surrounding the inner suet cake cage.
  • Giving the squirrels something else to eat, that is placed far away from the suet cakes.
  • Add a dash of Cayenne pepper to your homemade suet cakes, the squirrels don’t like it, the birds don’t taste it.

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