Black Oil Sunflower Seeds


Black oil sunflower seeds are the most desired seed by wild birds. Why do you ask? Black oil sunflower seeds are meatier and have a higher oil content than striped sunflower seeds.  Wild birds are able to get more nutrition and calories in each bite.  Black oil sunflower seeds also have a thinner shell, making them easier for birds to crack open.  All sunflower seeds come from the sunflower.  You can feed black oil sunflower seeds to your wild birds by adding them to a suet cake, filling a bird feeder, shaking them on the ground and also by planting sunflowers in your yard.

Did you know that you can eat wild bird seed too? It’s not just for the birds. While the wild bird seed you purchase at the store may not be packaged for human consumption and may not be as clean as food that is packaged for humans you could wash the seeds and eat them.  Just with any seed, you would want to strip the shell off before consuming the inside.


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