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You Do It Suet® was the feature in the October 9, 2015 New Local Product Enewsletter!

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Created by a local couple, You Do It Suet® is a new product that is reusable, eco-friendly and perfect for the everyday bird lover and meat eater.

You Do It Suet® is a reusable mold that lets you make suet cakes, a protein-rich food for birds, using leftover grease from cooking beef, chicken, bacon or turkey.

You Do It Suet® was created by husband-and-wife team Desiree and Josiah Cole of Eastham.


It takes about one pound of meat to create enough leftover grease for a suet cake, if you mix in other ingredients, such as bird seed, nuts, fruits, peanut butter or berries.

A gallery on the You Do It Suet® website includes recipes for P-Nutty Feast, Bird Brunch, Bacon Sundae and other variations.

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