Homemade Suet Recipe

Are you looking for a high-fat treat for your neighborhood birds? If so, making your very own suet recipe is the perfect solution. Using the You Do It Suet® product you can make your very own suet cakes using a suet rec... Read more

How to Make Bird Suet Cakes

Do you enjoy feeding your neighborhood birds? Do you eat meat such as: chicken, ground beef, turkey and bacon? If you answered YES to these questions, making your very own suet cakes is the perfect addition to your k... Read more

Suet Feeders

There are a nice variety of suet feeders available on the market today. Most every suet feeder has a standard cage size and may or may not have other details in addition.  We have seen suet feeders that are shap... Read more

Heated Bird Baths

During the cold Winter months bird baths tend to freeze.  This is where the heated bird bath comes into play.  For those who enjoy bird watching, year round, having a heated bird bath is a top priority.  T... Read more

Beef Tallow

Beef tallow is rendered beef fat. Beef fat that you have from cooking any cow product.  Generally you would take the excess beef grease and you would drain it into a glass or tin and throw it in the trash. But t... Read more

Storing You Do It Suet® Cakes

To store your You Do It Suet® cakes for later use all you need to do is wrap each one in plastic wrap and store them in your fridge or freezer. They can be stored as long as needed. Just remove the plastic wrap when... Read more

Beef Suet

Beef suet is a raw beef fat, that can be found in the meat isle of your local grocery store. More than likely, if you have seen it, you were repulsed and did not think about it for more than a second.  Beef suet looks l... Read more

Homemade Suet

Making your own homemade suet to feed your neighborhood birds is easier than you would think.  For those who are meat eaters, you have excess grease on a regular basis, from meats such as: Bacon, Beef, Chicken and Turke... Read more

Suet Pudding

What is suet pudding? It is a steamed or boiled cylindrical pudding that is made using beef or mutton fat.  Flour, breadcrumbs, raisins and spices are added to the beef fat, mixed together and cooked until thick. The su... Read more

What Foods for What Birds?

Are you looking to attract specific birds to your backyard?  If so, our handy bird food chart seen below can be a very helpful guide.  Use the food items that coincide with a particular bird in the making of your homem... Read more

Backyard Birds

Are you interested in knowing what types of birds are feeding in your backyard? Depending on where you live, you may see different birds in different zones.  Some of the most common birds you will find your backyard can... Read more


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