Recipes for People

Gnocchi, Bacon and Mushrooms

A perfect combination of salty and savory. Fresh cooked bacon tossed with garlic, olive oil and mushrooms then tossed with gnocchi and topped with Parmesan cheese. What you need 1 LB Bacon 1 Package Gnocchi 1 8 O... Read more

Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus

This recipe can be made using store bought asparagus or home grown asparagus.  The perfect before dinner snack. What you need 30 Asparagus Spears 1/2 Package Frozen Phyllo Dough Sheets, thawed 1 Stick Melted But... Read more

Bacon & Eggs

There is nothing more appetizing than freshly cooked bacon and eggs in the morning! What you need Eggs ( as many as you need for you and your family) 1 Package Bacon Salt & Pepper Start by pan frying the b... Read more

Turkey with White Bean Chili

A change of pace from the traditional beef chili. Perfect for a cool Winter evening.  Enjoy with a side of fresh made cornbread and or tortilla chips. What you need 1 LB Ground Turkey 1 Small Chopped Onion 1 4 O... Read more

Hard Boiled Deviled Eggs

Perfect as an appetizer or as a healthy breakfast alternative! What you need 1 Carton of Eggs 1/4 Cup Mayonnaise 3 TBSP Mustard Paprika Salt & Pepper Place eggs on the bottom of a saucepan.  Cover with ... Read more

Homemade Meatballs

Perfect as an appetizer or with spaghetti and sauce! What you need 1 LB 80/20 Ground Beef 1 Egg 1/2 Cup Breadcrumbs Salt & Pepper Start by mixing all of the ingredients listed above. Once mixed, roll into... Read more

Beef Chili with Black Beans, Sour Cream & Chives

This is the perfect Fall/Winter dinner dish.  Made using simple ingredients that are very common in most every kitchen.  Using ground beef, linguica, beans and tomatoes this is the perfect filling family meal. What ... Read more

Strawberry Shortcake

Although this recipe does not use any meat whatsoever, it is a very simple yet very yummy treat that is the perfect dessert any time of year. What you need 1 Package Strawberries Whipped Cream (you can buy heavy c... Read more

4 Cheese Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Here is a recipe using bacon, mushrooms and cheese.  After you cook up your bacon, drain the grease into a You Do It Suet® and make a homemade suet cake. This way you are cooking for the birds and yourself. If you e... Read more

Hamburger, Carrots, Potatoes OH MY!

“It’s like your cooking for the birds and yourself.” – Stella Cole This is the perfect Fall dinner dish.  Made using simple ingredients that are very common in most every kitchen.  Using ground beef, baby ca... Read more

Cooking with Bacon Grease

Did you know that you can use your excess bacon grease for cooking?! Most people pour their excess grease into a tin can or glass jar and throw it away. Using the You Do It Suet® allows for easy storage of meat grease t... Read more