Cranberry Heart Seed Cakes for Valentine’s Day

We are very excited to offer a homemade treat for your wild birds…our very own cranberry heart seed cakes. Created on Cape Cod using wild bird seed and local cranberries. What a fun gift for the one you love. Give the gift of love this Valentine’s Day with our homemade wild bird seed cakes. We are selling them in a 10 pack. For only $45 (shipping included) you can have the perfect gift delivered to your door and ready to give. All orders before Valentine’s Day will be wrapped in recycled newspaper and topped with a bow.

Each wild bird seed cake is created on Cape Cod using local cranberries.
Seed cakes are a nice treat for wild birds, squirrels and chickens.

Each seed cake weighs a whopping 9 ounces.
Ingredients: Wild Bird Seed, Gelatin and Cranberries


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