DIY Wild Bird Ornament


This is a fun little craft project to do with the kiddos. The supplies are very basic, you may not even have to buy anything!

Printable Template PDF HERE

What you will need:

1. White, colored or patterned paper

2. Glue stick, glue, glue dots or double sided tape

3. Ribbon

What to do:

Print Bird Ornament Template. Cutout the bird silhouette.

Trace around the bird silhouette onto the paper of your choice. Cut 2. Decorate one side of each bird cutout with markers, colored pencils, crayons, watercolors or glitter. Let dry. Cut ribbon for hanging and a few more for the tail. Lay one half of the bird cutout on a table and place the ribbon where you want it. Use glue or tape to adhere the two bird cutouts together, sandwiching the ribbon in between. Let dry. Hang on a tree or anywhere in your home.

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