Fall Bird Feed Cakes

bird feed cakes

Fall has officially arrived and the weather is starting to take a turn for cooler weather. The leaves are definitely changing colors and falling, the ground is getting harder and the song birds and squirrels are on the hunt for food.

Fall is the perfect time of year to carve pumpkins, and lucky for the little critters living outside, the pumpkins are filled with seeds! These pumpkin seeds can be used as an addition to your suet cake creation. As seen in the above photo, our Fall Flavors Suet Cake Recipe includes pumpkin seeds as an ingredient. This suet cake recipe also includes cranberries which are in season this time of year.

Bird feed cakes are the perfect addition to your yard and the local birds will be so happy you are helping them to stay warm during the cold winter months. The fat from the meat that you use in your suet cakes gives birds a nice winter coat to keep them warm. Putting fat on their bones, keeping them full and happy.

Even if the weather in your area in night quite cold yet, you can still create bird feed cakes, wrap them and store them in your freezer until you are ready to feed them to the song birds.


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