Heated Bird Baths

During the cold Winter months bird baths tend to freeze.  This is where the heated bird bath comes into play.  For those who enjoy bird watching, year round, having a heated bird bath is a top priority.  There are many ways to setup and maintain a heated bird bath, including:

  1. Having a dark colored bird bath will help to absorb solar radiation and keep your bird bath warmer, requiring less heat from you.
  2. Place your bird bath in a sunny area of your yard, the heather will work more efficiently.
  3. Be sure the bird bath is filled with water and place stones in the bottom as to lessen the chances of the birds bathing during the colder months.
  4. Clear off any snow from the edges of the heated bird bath so the birds can perch to drink.

Water is essential for birds to drink, bath and preen.  During the Winter months water can get scarce for birds.  By having a heated bird bath available you are giving your neighborhood birds a much needed source of water when they need it most.  This way the birds do not have to expend more energy trying to find water through the ice and snow.

There are many styles of heaters that can be used in your bird bath, including: copper coils, waterproof heater pads and also solar options.  Find the one that is right for you and your yard and sit back and enjoy watching the birds all year round.



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