Homemade Suet Cake Flavors

If you would like to make fancier homemade suet cakes, below are a few different flavors that your wild neighborhood birds may enjoy…

Fruit Suet Cake

Try adding some blueberry, apple, orange or blueberry flavorings to your You Do It Suet® cake. Then mix in some dried fruit bits for texture.  Some birds that like fruit are: Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and Titmice.

Insect Suet Cake

Mealworms give suet a crunchy appeal that is very popular with insect-eating birds such as: Purple martins and Tree swallows.

Nutty Suet Cake

Try adding a variety of nuts to your  homemade suet cakes.  This will add texture to your You Do It Suet® cake as well as more fat to help keep your wild birds healthy during the cold Winter months. Some birds that like nuts are: Blue jay, Hairy woodpecker and Spotted towhee.

Seed Suet Cake

These are the most popular homemade suet cakes.  Because all birds enjoy eating bird seed, you cannot go wrong when adding different types of bird seeds to your You Do It Suet®.  Some of the most popular seeds to use are: black oil sunflower, wild bird seed mix, millet and cracked corn.


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