Homemade Suet Cakes – What can I use?


Suet is the perfect bird food for the early Spring, Fall and Winter months when birds’ food sources dwindle. Suet is loved by most every insect-eating bird. When using your You Do It Suet®, you can get creative. You can add many toppings to your homemade suet during the hardening process.

Most birds prefer homemade suet compared to store bought suet.

Between each setting of suet fat, place a small amount of the following items into the mold and mix until combined. Then place your You Do It Suet® in the freezer to harden. When you are ready to feed the birds, just pop your homemade suet out of the mold and you are ready to feed the birds.

Peanut Butter  ~ Bird Seed ~ Sunflowers Seeds ~ Stone or Ground Cornmeal ~ Rolled Oats ~ Raisins ~ Dried Fruits ~ Unsalted Nuts ~ Mealworms ~ Sand ~ Sugar ~ Flour


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