Homemade Suet Recipe

Are you looking for a high-fat treat for your neighborhood birds? If so, making your very own suet recipe is the perfect solution. Using the You Do It Suet® product you can make your very own suet cakes using a suet recipe of your choice. We have many recipes right here on our website, and there are also MANY recipes on the internet.  Depending on the type of birds you are looking to feed, and the time of year, this will determine the suet recipe that you will want to use.

For the Winter and Fall months it is best to use all types of grease (fat) as well as a nice selection of nuts, wild bird seeds, sunflower seeds and meal worms.

For the Spring and Summer months it is best to use all types of grease (fat) as well as dried fruits, nuts, corn meal, wild bird seed, peanut butter and old fashioned oats. If you plan to feed your birds homemade suet cakes during the hotter months, be sure to add old fashioned oats, flour and corn meal to your suet recipe, as this will hold your homemade suet cake together during the hot Summer heat.  You do not want your suet cake to melt on your feathered friends.

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