How to Make Bird Suet Cakes


Do you enjoy feeding your neighborhood birds? Do you eat meat such as: chicken, ground beef, turkey and bacon? If you answered YES to these questions, making your very own suet cakes is the perfect addition to your kitchen routine.

Currently, when you are sizzling up a pan of bacon, where do you drain off the grease (fat)? Most would answer this saying: Into a tin can or into a glass jar. And then where do you place the grease (fat) once it has hardened? Most would answer this question by saying: the trash.  Did you know that the birds in your neighborhood benefit from eating grease (fat) during the cold Winter months? If not, now you do!  Birds need the extra fat in their diet to give them energy and to keep them warm during the Fall, Winter and early Spring months. What better way to help your local birds than to feed them your leftover grease (fat) by making homemade suet cakes for them.

Using the You Do It Suet® product, you can now drain your grease (fat) right into the silicone mold, add seeds, nuts, peanut butter and or dried fruit, let it set in your fridge or freezer and when hardened, pop out your homemade suet cake and feed your birds.  All birds enjoy suet cakes and they will enjoy coming into your yard to eat your homemade suet cakes because not only is it a yummy treat but it also keeps them warm during the cold weather.

Check out our suet cake recipes page for more ideas!



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