Hummingbird Feeder

Do hummingbirds eat suet? You may be surprised what birds will eat when the weather is cold and they are having trouble finding their normal food sources below the snow and ice.  Generally speaking, no, hummingbirds do not eat suet, however, if you were to make an insect suet cake, using mealworms, you may find a few hummingbirds attracted to your homemade suet cake.  When the weather is cold and hummingbirds need the food, they will look in places they would not normally.  Try making a homemade insect suet cake and hang in your backyard during the next cold Winter day and see if you have any hummingbirds show up. If not, you will certainly have a variety of wild birds coming to feast.

To make a homemade insect suet cake using You Do It Suet® :  Pour you leftover grease drippings into the You Do It Suet mold. Mix in a half a cup of mealworms and mix with a spoon. Place the You Do It Suet® in your fridge or freezer to set. Once solid, pop the insect suet cake out and feed to your birds.


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