Spreadable Suet

Many people have a suet log feeder in addition to their suet cage feeder and seed feeder.  The suet log feeder requires a spreadable suet in order to fill in the holes to feed the wild birds. You can easily use the suet cakes that you create using the You Do It Suet® mold to fill in the holes on your suet log feeder.  The steps are very easy, see below:

Step 1: Create a suet cake using the recipe of your choice.

Step 2: Place the filled You Do It Suet mold® on the counter for an hour or so until the suet cake becomes soft.

Step 3: Scoop spoonfuls of the softened suet cake and fill your suet log feeder holes.

Step 4: Place your suet log feeder outside (be sure the weather is below 45 degrees so the suet does not melt).

Step 5: Watch the birds enjoying a tasty suet treat.

Step 6: You can either pat the leftover suet back down in the You Do It Suet mold® mold and place back in the freezer to set or leave as is and use again for another suet log feeder.


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