Spring Suet Cakes

When Spring arrives the weather changes from freezing cold to cool and wet. Wild birds are out in full force during the Spring months and they are on the hunt for food and a place to nest.  Offering suet cakes during the Spring is a huge help for wild birds and their offspring.  Food is still scarce during this time of year and by providing food you are helping wild birds to stay healthy and warm during this change in weather. 

When creating suet cakes during the Spring weather think about what the temperature is outside and also what type of birds are in your area.  By providing a food source that will not only fill the tummies of wild birds but also give them much needed nutrition you are helping them to save their energy for other things like finding a good home.

If the weather is wet and cold you can offer simple suet cakes made with meat fat + a few mix ins.

If the weather is warmer and cool you may want to use meat fat, cornmeal, flour + a few mix ins.

If the weather is hot you will want to use our Year Round Recipe.

Think about using bird seed that has been shelled to make eating easier. Especially for the wild birds who have just migrated to your area and have just flown many many miles.  These migratory birds are in need of rest and offering bird seed that is easy to eat is a huge help.


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