Suet Cage Bird Bedding

During the hot months during the year, it is best to NOT feed your feathered friends suet cakes.  There are many reasons why and some of them are:

  • During the cold Winter months birds need the extra fat to keep them warm and to give them energy, this is not needed in the hot Summer months.
  • Homemade suet cakes have a tendency to melt faster during the hot months and this could in turn melt grease on your birds feathers and this is not good for your feathered bird friends.
  • It is best to feed your birds homemade suet cakes during the cooler Fall, Winter and Spring months than during the hot Summer.

We suggest during the hot summer months that you instead fill your suet cage with nesting material such as scraps of fabric, bits of yearn, twine or string, pine needles and small twigs.  Your neighborhood birds will thank you for helping them build their nests for their bird families.

If you are an avid meat eater, even during the hotter months, you can still fill your You Do it Suet® mold with your grease (fat) and you can wrap your homemade suet cakes in plastic wrap and store in the fridge or freezer until the weather gets cooler again.


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