Suet for Chickens


Here on Cape Cod you do not have to walk far to find a house that has chickens.  Our neighbors have at least 6 chickens and some have many more.  These chickens need to eat just like you and I and your wild birds.  As the weather gets colder, chickens need to bulk up their fat just like the wild birds and one way to help them is to feed them homemade suet cakes.  Just like you would make a suet cake to feed your neighborhood wild birds, you can do the same for your chickens, or your neighbor’s chickens.  Your neighbors and chickens will thank you too!

Chickens and wild birds need more fat in their diet in the cooler weather, and what better way to reduce, reuse and recycle the fats from cooking ground beef and bacon.  Normally this excess grease would just be thrown away, but the birds and chickens can make good use of this tasty treat.

Suet Chickens

Chickens enjoy homemade suet cakes infused with: cracked corn, sunflower seeds, raisins, peanuts and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Even if you are not a chicken owner or a wild bird enthusiast, you can help those around you who are, by creating homemade suet cakes for them and I am sure they would be most appreciative.


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