Suet Pudding

What is suet pudding? It is a steamed or boiled cylindrical pudding that is made using beef or mutton fat.  Flour, breadcrumbs, raisins and spices are added to the beef fat, mixed together and cooked until thick. The suet pudding is very popular in the British cuisine.  The recipes for suet pudding can vary greatly and can be made into a dessert or a dinner dish.  Spotted Dick a type of suet pudding. Made with suet, raisins, dried fruit and often served with a custard.

You can always use your excess grease to make yourself a nice treat, and a dessert of Spotted Dick would be a perfect start. Just follow the steps below and you can enjoy a nice treat, just like your neighborhood birds do.

Classic Spotted Dick Suet Pudding Recipe

4 ounces of Self-raising flour
2 ounces of Currants
2 ounces Mixed peel
2 ounces of Beef Suet (you can warm your You Do It Suet® and pour the grease from the mold)
2 ounces  sugar
1 Medium Egg (beaten)
4 Tablespoons of milk
A pinch of salt

Mix the dry ingredients, add the beaten egg, pour the mixture into a pudding basin, cover with grease proof paper and foil.

Steam for 85 minutes.

Turn out and serve with a side of custard and syrup if you desire.


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