What Birds Eat Nuts?

When creating your own homemade suet cakes, it is always nice to throw in a few nuts. Why? Nuts are a very popular food source for wild birds. Nuts are high in fat, and during the cold Winter months birds need some extra fat to keep them warm, provide energy and to keep their feathers healthy.
What type of nuts do wild birds like?

Brazil Nuts
Hickory Nuts
Macadamia Nuts
Pine nuts

Birds that live in the woods are more apt to eat nuts because they are used to foraging in the woods for nuts. Some of the most popular birds that eat nuts are:

American Robin
Acorn Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Brown Creeper
Carolina Wren
Long Tailed Tit

Many birds will eat nuts, even if they have not tried them before. And generally enjoy them after they have had the chance to eat them. Be sure to use unsalted nuts when feeding the birds as wild birds do not need any additional salt in their diet.


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