What Fats are Found in Suet?


Suet is known as a raw or beef mutten.  This fat is commonly found around the loin and kidneys.

When talking about a Suet Cake, suet can be many fats. Of the most popular fats to use when creating a homemade suet cake the ones you will see most are: beef fat, pork fat, chicken fat, deer fat and lard or coconut oil.

The most popular choice for a fat found in a suet cake would be beef fat.  The wild birds love to eat beef fat infused suet cakes during the colder months to keep them warm and fill them up when insects and other foods are not as abundant.

You can create a suet cake using the excess fat that is drained off from cooking meat at home or you can purchase raw suet at your local supermarket and render the fat that way.

Using the You Do It Suet® mold you can easily create suet cakes at home to feed the birds. No mess. No smell. Easy to clean.


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