Blue Jay Facts

Size and Shape

Blue Jays are large crested songbirds with broad and rounded tails. Blue Jays are bigger than Robins and smaller than Crows.

Color Pattern

Blue Jays have white or gray on their underside, with various shades of blue, black, and white on their topside.


Blue Jays like to make calls while they are perched in a tree.  Their calls are using long and can carry for long distances.Blue Jays often search for food in groups.

Blue Jays like to fly across open areas silently, especially during migration. Blue Jays like to fill their throat pouch with food to stash at another location.  Blue Jays like to hold onto their food with their feed and then peck at it.


Blue Jays like to hang out on the forest edge. Blue Jays enjoy eating acorns, and they can be found in backyards, wooded lots, near oak trees and in parks in the city.

Backyard Feeding Tips

Blue Jays are large birds and need a place to perch while eating.  Affixing your suet cage on a tree, rather than hanging it will make it easier for a Blue Jay to enjoy your suet cakes.  They can then grab a hold of the tree trunk and eat the suet with ease.

Blue Jays enjoy eating peanuts, sunflower seeds and suet.

Blue Jays often drink from bird baths.

Blue Jay Photo Gallery


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