Bird Nesting Materials

Spring has arrived and the wild birds will be starting to gather materials to create nests for their soon to be babies.

Knowing what materials to supply is key to helping your local wild bird population get ready for nesting season. If you want to help birds with gathering materials for their nests here are a few tips:

Do Provide any of the following on the ground in piles or placed in a suet cage:

Pine Needles
Dried Leaves

Do NOT provide: Cellophane, tinsel,string, dryer lint, fleece, fabric or long hairs.

Backyards can be a dangerous place for baby birds. To help during the nesting season keep your cats inside, offer cover from predators and place bird houses in your yard.

Be sure to clean out the old nesting materials from your bird houses prior to nesting season. Bluebirds, purple martins, house wrens, chickadees, tree swallows and house sparrows are the most common occupants of a backyard bird house.


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