Boston Local Food Festival

We are very excited to announce that we will be a vendor at the Boston Local Food Festival on Sunday, September 17, 2017 ~ 11AM-5PM! The event will feature: Freshly harvested produce and seafood from farmers ... Read more

Bird Seed Suet Cakes

If you enjoy eating meat like our family does than you are very aware of the excess fat that is drained off during cooking. Most people drain their excess meat fat into a recycled tin can. Then they throw the can awa... Read more

Why Doesn’t a Woodpecker Get a Headache?

We've all been there before.  You had a late night (no judgements), want to sleep in, but something is hammering ... hammering ... HAMMERING away at your house, or a nearby tree.  That something, is most likely... Read more

DIY Bird Seed Cakes

Have you been wondering how you can create bird seed cakes rather than buying them at the store? Using our You Do It Suet® silicone mold creating seed cakes is super easy. Even kids can join in on the fun. We have b... Read more

Summer Bird Feeder

We have several bird feeder styles in our yard and for good reason. If you want to attract a variety of birds to your yard you must offer several types of seed. Wild birds enjoy eating a variety of seeds, fruit, nuts... Read more

Summer Tanager: Bee Hunter

A few weeks ago I tweeted about the Scarlet Tanager, a bird with a name that I liked quite a bit: 'Scarlet Tanager' sounds like a character in a mystery novel, or classic spy film Read more

Suet Bird Feeders

Did you know that birds LOVE to eat suet? Suet is made of meat fat and is a great addition to a wild bird diet. You place the suet into suet bird feeders and place them in your yard to attract songbirds year round. ... Read more

Bluebird vs. Bluejay – What’s the Difference?

When we were new to birding, given our region (Northeastern USA) a Bluejay was the only "blue bird" we knew of. Often times people would mention "bluebirds" to us in conversation, and my mind started to wonder ... "Are t... Read more

Silicone Mold for Suet

Do you LOVE feeding wild birds? Do you love cooking at home? Now both of these activities can be brought together to create suet cakes for the wild birds in your yard. Did you know that your excess meat fat can be... Read more

Bird Friendly Shrubs

Cultivating bird friendly shrubs for your backyard requires determining what shrubs will thrive in your local environment, and that will also provide a good home, or food source for birds. Bird friendly plants come in ma... Read more

10 Shocking Bird Facts

Birds are boring, right? Wrong! Birds worldwide offer a rich variety species, each with their own amazing traits and distinctive behaviors.  Here are just 10 of the most shocking bird facts, that will cause you to s... Read more

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