Birding Basics – Identification

Birding is a fun and exciting activity for kids and adults alike.  Birding can be a educational activity as well as a relaxing afternoon on the front porch. You can seek our birds in your yard, neighborhood or a... Read more

Birdbath Tips

A staple feature for backyard birders everywhere, birdbaths provide another useful resource for many species of birds.  Before opening your wallet, or building your own birdbath, keep in mind some tips to help y... Read more

Fall Bird Feed Cakes

Fall has officially arrived and the weather is starting to take a turn for cooler weather. The leaves are definitely changing colors and falling, the ground is getting harder and the song birds and squirrels are on t... Read more

Squirrel Facts

Depending on the type of person you are, and how much birdseed you've been relieved of over the years, your opinion of squirrels might differ.  When we ask folks about squirrels we always get a mixed reaction.&n... Read more

Sparrow Facts

Did you know there are 15 sparrow species? They can be found all across North America, some more abundant than others. The House Sparrow is the most common species and can be found in most urban centers. The House... Read more

How to Attract Migrating Birds

We recently attended the Boston Local Food Festival which was a fun event, and great exposure for our product.  One of our booth visitors asked me an interesting question I had not considered: How do I attract m... Read more

Suet Feed

Suet feed is a high energy bird food that is the perfect addition to any yard, especially during the cold fall and winter months. Wild birds have a harder time scavenging for food sources in the winter when the gr... Read more

Boston Local Food Festival

We are very excited to announce that we will be a vendor at the Boston Local Food Festival on Sunday, September 17, 2017 ~ 11AM-5PM! The event will feature: Freshly harvested produce and seafood from farmers ... Read more

Bird Seed Suet Cakes

If you enjoy eating meat like our family does than you are very aware of the excess fat that is drained off during cooking. Most people drain their excess meat fat into a recycled tin can. Then they throw the can awa... Read more

Why Doesn’t a Woodpecker Get a Headache?

We've all been there before.  You had a late night (no judgements), want to sleep in, but something is hammering ... hammering ... HAMMERING away at your house, or a nearby tree.  That something, is most likely... Read more

DIY Bird Seed Cakes

Have you been wondering how you can create bird seed cakes rather than buying them at the store? Using our You Do It Suet® silicone mold creating seed cakes is super easy. Even kids can join in on the fun. We have b... Read more


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