Bird Seed Suet Cakes

If you enjoy eating meat like our family does than you are very aware of the excess fat that is drained off during cooking. Most people drain their excess meat fat into a recycled tin can. Then they throw the can away. Did you know that there is a better use for the excess meat fat? Instead of throwing it into the trash you can feed the birds. 

By saving the excess meat fat you can create bird seed suet cakes to feed wild birds and chickens.

Instead of draining your excess meat fat into a tin can, drain it into a You Do It Suet® mold. Mix in bird seed, peanut butter, eggshells and more if you wish. Freeze. Release. Feed the birds. Creating bird seed suet cakes could not be easier!

As you cook meals, drain the excess meat fat into a You Do It Suet® mold. You can then either:

  • Add ingredients such as bird seed right away, mix and freeze. Creating a bird seed suet cake.
  • Freeze and add more excess fat another time. Thus creating a pure fat suet cake.

If you are creating a pure fat suet cake ONLY feed during the COLD weather months.

Bird seed suet cakes can be fed year round, be sure to use a recipe that works for your current weather. FREE bird seed suet cake recipes can be found here.


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