Birding Basics – Identification

Birding is a fun and exciting activity for kids and adults alike.  Birding can be a educational activity as well as a relaxing afternoon on the front porch. You can seek our birds in your yard, neighborhood or at local parks and trails. Birds are everywhere and they are eager to please.

In this article we are going to talk about bird identification.  It can be tricky to identify one bird from another since they are generally similar in size and may have similar features.  There are several ways to narrow down the type of bird you are looking to identify.

Get to Know the Main Features of a Bird

Knowing the different areas of a bird will help you when trying to identify a specific bird.

Having a bird guide either online or in book form is a must-have for any birder. This will make identification much easier.  You can get a bird guide that is specific to where you live, narrowing down the list of birds that are native to your region.

If you see a bird that you want to identify look at the colors, size, shape and features of the bird and then do some research in your bird guide.

Cross check the bird features with similar birds in a bird guide to narrow down your selections.

Bird Guides that we Like

National Audubon Society

National Geographic Guide to Backyard Birds

Audubon Bird App


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