Sparrow Facts

Did you know there are 15 sparrow species? They can be found all across North America, some more abundant than others.

The House Sparrow is the most common species and can be found in most urban centers. The House Sparrow likes to live near buildings and they thrive on people and surroundings.

The Baird’s Sparrow can be found in Western North America. A very rare bird that likes to hide in tall grasses.

You can find a Field Sparrow in the Eastern states of North America.  Field Sparrows enjoy large open areas, they do not like cities and close buildings. In the Spring and Summer they like to sing in the morning.

In central North America you can find the Eurasian Tree Sparrow. They have not spread far from where they were released in Missouri in the 1870’s.

In the Southern States you can find the Black-chinned Sparrow. They like to stay close to the ground, feeding and nesting low bushes.  They sing a beautiful song that sounds like swee, swee.

Fun Facts

Sparrows are very small birds. They reach only 4 to 8 inches in length.

Sparrows have a plump little body with brown, black and white feathers.

Sparrows have short tails and powerful beaks.

Sparrows are generally social birds.

Sparrows with bath in water and melting snow.

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