DIY Bird Seed Cakes

Have you been wondering how you can create bird seed cakes rather than buying them at the store? Using our You Do It Suet® silicone mold creating seed cakes is super easy. Even kids can join in on the fun. We have been creating bird seed cakes for a couple of years now and our neighborhood birds have been very happy with the product. Every time we place a seed cake into the feeder the birds flock to it to get a tasty treat.

Using just 3 simple ingredients you can be on your way to creating bird seed cakes that will cater to all of the birds in your yard. You can also get creative and add in additional ingredients that you think your birds will enjoy such as peanuts, raisins, shelled sunflower seeds and more. Try different types of seed. Black oil sunflower seed is the most common but you could also create a bird seed cake using: safflower seed, thistle seed or a wild bird seed mix.

Bird Seed Cake Recipe

1 TBSP Unflavored Gelatin
2 TBSP Cold Water
1/3 Cup Boiling Water
1 Cup Bird Seed


In the You Do It Suet® mold mix 1 TBSP unflavored gelatin with 2 TBSP cold water, add 1/3 cup boiling water. Mix in 1 cup of bird seed. Freeze. Release seed cake from the You Do It Suet® mold. Feed the birds.


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