Bird Seed Bag Eco Wraps

The core of our mission at You Do It Suet® is Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

When we see a chance to reduce, reuse and recycle we take advantage.

We buy black oils sunflower seeds in bulk for packaging our Starter Kits and we knew there had to be a way to reuse the seed bag itself. We buy the Pennington Select seed variety because it is clean, fresh and has a Bird-Kote with added minerals and vitamins.  The bags that the seed is packaged in is very heavy duty and durable and would be a waste to throw away.

We decided to create eco-wraps using the seed bags and this project worked out perfectly!

We cut our eco-wrap to the exact dimensions to store a suet cake.

See our process and our photos below. This project was very easy and could be done with any heavy duty bird seed bag. Get creative and recycle your wild bird seed bags into eco-wraps for storing your suet cakes!  Share your photos with us on instagram, facebook and twitter!


Start by cutting down 1 side of your seed bag to make 1 large flat piece.

Measure 13 inches x 13 inches and cut a square.

Cut the corners off of the square so the corners are not pointed.

Sew an elastic or rubber band to one side.

Place a suet cake in the middle and fold each side over, folding the side with the elastic last.

Wrap the elastic around the suet cake to secure the eco-wrap closed.

Now you can store the suet cake in your freezer until you ready to feed the wild birds or chickens.

Just wipe clean and reuse over and over and over again!

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