Fall Suet Cake Recipes

Fall is a great time of year to create homemade suet cakes for many reasons. Birds are starting to search for alternative food sources as the cooler weather falls into place. Insects and berries are not readily available in the cooler climates and wild birds are on the hunt for bird seed, suet, berries and fruit supplied by us humans.

Fall is the time of year for pumpkins. Pumpkins have seeds and wild birds can eat the pumpkin seeds. Just sprinkle some into a suet cake, on the ground or add to your feeder. The wild birds will peck them open and eat the seed inside. Watch this video

Cranberries are also in season during the Fall and you can add dried or fresh cranberries to a suet cake. Adding cranberries can attract birds such as the: American Robin, Blue Jay, House Wren, Northern Flicker, Brown thrasher and Tufted titmouse. Cranberries are a good source of antioxidants and are great for a bird’s immune system.

As the weather gets cooler we tend to cook more meat. More meat means more fat and more fat means we can create suet cakes at home to feed the wild birds. Feeding the wild birds in the cooler months will keep them full and warm. Click here to view ALL of our suet cake recipes.

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