Strawberry Shortcake

Although this recipe does not use any meat whatsoever, it is a very simple yet very yummy treat that is the perfect dessert any time of year.

What you need

1 Package Strawberries
Whipped Cream (you can buy heavy cream and whip your own using a Mosa, or buy a ready made canister)
1 Package Individual Angel Food Cakes
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Milk

Start by rinsing and chopping the strawberries.  Add the sugar to the strawberries, mix and let sit for at least 10 minutes.  For softer strawberries, cover the sugared strawberries in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for several hours before using.

Place the angel food cakes out onto small plates.  Pour a dash of milk into the center of each cake. Top with strawberries and whipped cream.




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