Suet Feeders


There are a nice variety of suet feeders available on the market today. Most every suet feeder has a standard cage size and may or may not have other details in addition.  We have seen suet feeders that are shaped like:


All of these designs integrate a standard suet cage, but are designed to look pretty in every yard.

Suet feeders should be placed higher than 5 feet from the ground, to lessen the amount of animal interaction.  Most birds that eat suet, cling to the feeder, which is why it is important to have a suet cage.  Birds also cling to tree trunks and eat homemade suet cakes by reaching out with their beaks.  Placing your homemade suet cake near a tree trunk, and preferably on the North side of the tree will lessen the melting time from the suns heat.  Once a suet feeder is found by your neighborhood birds, it will be eaten very fast.  During the Winter months your suet feeder will need to be replenished more often.

Woodpeckers, titmice, kinglets, wrens, bluejays, nuthatches and many more bird varieties enjoy eating from a suet feeder.


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