Turn Fat from Ground Beef into Suet for Birds


In 2015 24.807 billion pounds of beef was consumed in the USA. With that being said, you can guess that most Americans like to eat beef. Lucky for wild birds, beef has fat and that fat can be used to feed the wild birds during the cooler months to keep them warm, full and happy.

When cooking beef whether it be ground, chopped or sliced there will always be excess fat that will need to be drained off during cooking. This excess beef fat is the perfect ingredient for making a suet cake. Did you know that you can turn fat from ground beef into suet for birds?

Using a You Do It Suet® mold you can make suet cakes for wild birds using excess meat fat.

When cooking up meals, pull out your You Do It Suet® mold and place on the counter. As your meat heats up and fat starts to run, pour it off into the You Do It Suet® mold.  It is OK if the beef fat is hot, the silicone mold can withstand it.  When you have drained off all of the excess beef fat into the You Do It Suet® mold, mix in ingredients of your choice;  such as peanuts, fruits, bird seed and more. Once you have mixed and filled the You Do It Suet® mold to the fill line, place in the freezer to harden. When you are ready to feed the wild birds release the suet cake from the silicone mold and place the suet cake into a standard suet cage feeder in your yard.


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