Winner of the BEST NEW PRODUCT Award


We are very excited to announce that we are the winner of the BEST NEW FUNCTIONAL OUTDOOR PRODUCT AWARD which was voted on by the retailers at the Wild Bird Expo in Mexico, Missouri this past September.  We could not be happier and this was what we call the cherry on top!  The Wild Bird Expo in Missouri was our very first expo and boy was it great!  From the moment we arrived the staff were wonderful.  Very helpful, friendly and easy to talk to throughout the entire 3 day event we felt at home while manning our booth.  I got to know the other vendors as well as the retailers who were “shopping” around the warehouse.  That is right! The expo was held at the Gold Crest Distributing warehouse and the retailers can walk through and “shop”, touch, feel and place items in their cart which can be then purchased on site and either driven back to their stores or shipped out at a later date.  What other company allows retailers to shop at their warehouse???

We got such great feedback at our booth that people were searching us out after they heard about us.  We had retailers come up to us and say “Please tell me more, I heard about you and I love the idea”, “This is amazing”, “I finally am able to stop by your booth and talk with you, you always have people here and I want to learn more”.  Needless to say we had a great time and winning the BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARD was just an amazing feeling after a great 3 day expo.

We look forward to working with Gold Crest Distributing, The Wild Bid Expo and all of the retailers who placed orders for our product! Onward and upward!

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