Year Round Suet Cake Recipe Tips


Creating suet cakes can be a fun, family project, but be sure to follow the recipe exactly as stated when using the Year Round Suet Cake Recipe.  In order for the suet cake to hold up to the Summer heat there must be exact amounts of each ingredient added to the mixture otherwise the suet cake will melt.  Use the tips below to create the best Year Round You Do It Suet suet cake.

Tip 1: The mixture should be the consistency of cookie dough.

Tip 2: Be sure to use exact measurements when adding the ingredients to your meat fat.

Tip 3: Place your Year Round suet cake in a suet cage and place it on the North side of a tree / house. This way the sun will not beat down on it all day long.

Tip 4: Do not place a suet cake in your yard when the temperatures are above 90 degrees.  Birds are easily able to forage for food when the weather is hot and they do not need the added fat in their diet when the weather is HOT.

Tip 5: Freeze your suet cake(s) and feed them to the wild birds when the weather is cooler.


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