Family Friendly


We are proud to promote You Do It Suet® as a family friendly product. Creating suet cakes with your kids can be a very rewarding experience. Not only do you get to teach and learn about recycling (meat fat) but you also are feeding the birds, who need the fat during the cold months when insects and bugs are not as easy to find. Teaching your kids about birds is a great way to bond with nature. There are so many great facts about birds that can be learned by feeding them.

After you cook up meat and you have poured the excess fat into the You Do It Suet® mold, ask your kids to choose which ingredients they would like to add to the suet cake mix. Then have them spoon the ingredients into the You Do It Suet® mold and place it in the freezer to set. When the suet cake is hardened, ask your kids to release the suet cake from the You Do It Suet® mold and place in a suet feeder in your yard.

Watch the birds that flock to your homemade suet cake. Research the birds that like your suet cake mixture and learn about where they come from and what they like to eat.

Your kids will be excited to learn about birds and will also enjoy spending time with family!


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