Peanut Butter Suet Cake

Did you know that you can create a suet cake without suet? You can use peanut butter as a base rather than meat fat.  Yes, it is true! We get asked all of the time if a suet cake can be created without meat fat ... Read more

Where to Feed Bird Seed

If you enjoy feeding wild birds as much as we do then it is important to note what seeds certain birds enjoy eating and WHERE they enjoy eating them.  There are two types of birds that were are referring to: cli... Read more

Bird Seed Bag Eco Wraps

The core of our mission at You Do It Suet® is Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. When we see a chance to reduce, reuse and recycle we take advantage. We buy black oils sunflower seeds in bulk for packaging our Starter Ki... Read more

What Wild Birds Eat Nyjer (Thistle Seed)?

Nyjer seed is very popular with seed eating birds. Knowing the types of birds that enjoy eating the nyjer seed can help birders choose the right birdseed feeders for the backyard. Where does the nyjer seed some f... Read more

Winter Birds – Where are the Hummingbirds?

Depending on where you live during the Winter months, you may just see hummingbirds in your area.  Hummingbirds have been seen venturing into the Northern part of the United States even during cold weather. ... Read more

Frozen Pudding with Graham Cracker Crust

I bet you did not know that you can also make tasty treats for you and your family using the You Do It Suet® mold?!? Yes, You Do It Suet® is food safe and perfectly shaped and sized for creating treats for people t... Read more

Cranberry Heart Seed Cakes for Valentine’s Day

We are very excited to offer a homemade treat for your wild birds...our very own cranberry heart seed cakes. Created on Cape Cod using wild bird seed and local cranberries. What a fun gift for the one you love. Give ... Read more

Spreadable Suet

Many people have a suet log feeder in addition to their suet cage feeder and seed feeder.  The suet log feeder requires a spreadable suet in order to fill in the holes to feed the wild birds. You can easily use ... Read more

Feeding Wild Birds Seasonal Checklist

If you enjoy feeding wild birds in your neighborhood then you know how important it is to feed them the proper diet during each season of the year.  While many people feed suet cakes year round to the wild bi... Read more

Vegan Suet Cake Recipes

We get asked all of the time if there is a way to create a homemade suet cake using a fat that is not a meat product. And the answer we always give is, YES! We have many vegans who just LOVE our product and want to k... Read more

DIY Wild Bird Ornament

This is a fun little craft project to do with the kiddos. The supplies are very basic, you may not even have to buy anything! Printable Template PDF HERE What you will need: 1. White, colored or patterned paper ... Read more


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